Speakers from: Credit Suisse
Standard Charter
Deka Bank
BNY Mellon
REGIS-TR (Trade Repository)
Societe Generale
+ others

Why You Should be a Media Partner

  • This is the *first* dedicated SFTR conference in the world that goes through the *granular* details.
  • This event presents a unique opportunity for your Media Firm to be associated with the go-to SFTR event of the year with premium coverage opportunities – see below
  • For the first time legal and technical experts will deliver half-a-day of granular SFTR training followed by an afternoon of panel discussions and Q&A with regulators, banks, brokerages, Trade Repositories and vendors
  • Uniquely, the morning material is accredited by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments. The leading industry players will be present.


Benefits of being a Media Partner


  • Display of your logo on conference website
  • c.5 broadcast emails sent to CEOs, MDs and senior staff with your logo included
  • Conference brochure and publicity material bears your URL

During conference

  • A free ticket to attend with permission to interview delegates and speakers as well as take pictures.
  • A small stand to present your website/magazine/publication.

Post conference

  • Access to post conference material and discussion.


What is Required of the Media Partner?

There is no fee; we just require our Media Partners to:

  • send two dedicated broadcast emails to your contact database publicising the conference with a URL link back to the main booking page. (One immediately after becoming a partner and the other three weeks later.)
  • To prominently publish one front-page free-to-view article on your website publicising the event – we can provide pre-conference interview material if required.


Complete the below form to request now:

Speaker Title
Chad Giussani Standard Charter Bank – Head of Compliance
Seb Malik Market FinReg – Head of Financial Law
Matt Smith SteelEye – CEO
Michael Cyrus Deka Bank – Head of Collateral Trading
Jonathan Lee
Kaizen Reporting– Regulatory Reporting SME
David Allen* BNY Mellon – Director Collateral Management
David Masters
Societe Generale – Head of Referential Data
Thomas Hansen Credit Suisse – MD Securities
Jo Hide
REGIS-TR – Trade Repository & SFTR SME
Duncan Carpenter Pirum – SFTR Product Manager

*subject to diary commitments

Unique SFTR Event

  1. interactive connection Network with Industry leaders
  2. replace text Analyse SFTR texts
  3. gibberish Granular details – no more chatter